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The Cookbook Shelf - - Your Source for Specialty Cookbooks!

We have been privileged to locate hundreds of specialty cookbooks to offer to you. You know, the ones from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Crisco, appliance makers, County Extension Bureaus and all of those wonderful places that love to collect and publish recipes.... including, of course, churches and civic organizations.

This site will soon be expanded to contain an illustrated catalog of our inventory and very reasonable prices. We will ship within 24 hours of the receipt of order and always ship our books in ways to protect them from the vagaries of the US Postal Service - even including on the internal wrapping your name and address so that there is no question where they should deliver even if the machinery eats the outside wrapper!

We look forward to serving your needs. At present we are finishing our catalog listing so can't be a lot of help but if you will email us with items that you would specifically be interested in we will put you on our "Wanted" list... well, we will put what you want on the list, but we do want you as a happy customer too!

Please bookmark our site or put it on your favorites list so that you'll be able to find us later!

Thanks! Here's to lots of good cookin!

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